Experiences the thrill of the rapids with our top-of-the-line rafting boats. Build for community. We make sure that you’ll get an experience you'll never forget.

barong rafting boat
barong rafting boat




Navigate the waters with confidence and feel the rush of excitement.

Designed for adventure seekers

For adventure seekers looking to tackle the rapids, the right rafting boat can make all the difference. Modern rafting boats are designed with speed, safety, flexibility, and high performance in mind. Features like quick inflation and deflation times, self-draining valves, and durable construction materials are common. Some models are specifically tailored for solo adventurers, offering a modular design that excels in both whitewater and open seawater conditions. Ensuring a thrilling experience with stability and certified safety standards.


Once upon a time, a visionary company embarked on a journey to not only succeed in business but also to forge a lasting bond with the community and nurture the environment.

With every project, they prioritized sustainable practices, ensuring that their growth was in harmony with nature's rhythm. The community, feeling heard and respected, contributed local wisdom that enriched the company's endeavors.

Together, they thrived, creating a legacy of prosperity and stewardship that would inspire generations to come. This tale of unity and respect for the earth stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a company aligns its goals with the greater good.


During our rafting camp experiences, we rigorously tested several key products to ensure they met our high standards for outdoor activities. Among them were durable dry bags, essential for keeping gear dry even during the most intense rapids, and high-quality life jackets that provided both safety and comfort.

We also evaluated various layers designed for warmth and dryness, which proved indispensable during our waterborne adventures. These products, among others, were pivotal in enhancing our outdoor experiences, offering both functionality and reliability in the demanding conditions of our rafting camps.

I had the adventure of a lifetime with Boogie's Rafting Boats! The sturdy build and sleek design made navigating the rapids a thrilling experience. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable, ensuring safety while encouraging us to embrace the wild ride. The boat handled beautifully, responding to every paddle stroke with precision. It was an unforgettable journey that left me exhilarated and eager to return to the river. Boogie's truly delivered an exceptional rafting adventure!

- Endang Muttakin